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iPhone features that the Android phones do not have
2018-03-07 08:40:50

There is no dearth of souls that are confused over whether to opt for an android smart phone that comes at a modest price tag or choose a high value iPhone over its android counterpart. Now if you forget the price, it is always better to have a iPhone. This is not to demean the android phone, but frankly speaking iPhones come up with some additional unique features that make them unparallel.


This is one very unique feature of that each and every iPhone comes up with. This feature can recognize the movement of the facial muscles and can accordingly produce an emoji, which is funny and entertaining.

Filter to siphon off the spam messages

This is another very effective and unique feature, and is very much self-explanatory. This is actually a filter that is equipped to filter out the spam messages and stop them from hitting the inbox. This feature was not present in the earlier versions of iPhone. It is in fact a recent update that was incorporated in the iOS 11 version.

Recording the contents of native screen

Again, this is another new feature that the iOS 11 version has come up with. This feature enables the device to record the contents that are displayed on the native screen. The most amazing part of the episode is that you do not have to select any option to make the recordings. You just have to use an external voice input to do so. This feature also helps you create GIFs.

Device Synchronization

Thanks to cloud technology that comes with iOS 11, you will be able to synch any device if you have the same Apple ID. Or in other words, you will be able to sync all the messages of your device with other iOS devices that use the same ID.

Monetary transaction through messages

This is an extremely useful and absolutely unique iOS feature, whereby you are able to carry out monetary transaction through ordinary text messages. You can also transfer money to your bank account and receive money from the same using this feature.

New video format

The latest iOS devices come up with a new video feature that not only helps them save space but also optimizes the picture clarity of the video capsules. This happens due to use of HEIF/HEVC format, which helps to save a considerable amount of memory, without actually interfering the quality of the picture. On the contrary, it optimizes the quality of picture.

Use of multiple speakers

This is another feature that is iOS specific, wherein you will be able to play music on multiple speakers. This is particularly helpful when you are enjoying music or movie with a large group of friends or you are enjoying a party at your home. This feature also comes in handy when you are playing multiple Apple TVs.

However, with introduction of every new version, Apple is introducing new and unique features in its iOS devices and these are the factors that make the iOS devices so very popular, in spite of their sky rocketing prices. Still you find serpentine queues in front of Apple stores on the eves of new launches and this buzz does not show any sign of fading off whatsoever in the near future. Therefore, if you have a coffer that is deep enough, you can definitely opt for a iOS device rather than going for an Android smart phone. You can be rest assured that your prized possession will help you stand aloof from the crowd, who will look up to you in envy!